NCAA Tournament Contests: Top 10

March 14th, 2009

A little low on cash because of the struggling economy? The NCAA Tournament is a good way to earn some back.. you could win up to $100 million getting a perfect bracket, thousands of dollars beating the masses in other games, or setting up your own pool and taking a cut of the action. Now matter how you do it, you need to play to win.


Here are over a dozen games, pools, and contests to keep you busy during March Madness:


CHN's $100 Million Bracket Contest - Win a crapload of money from our partner, and try and beat me along the way.


Yahoo: NCAA Tournament Pickem - Can't go wrong with any of Yahoo's fantasy offerings.


ESPN's Tournament Challenge - Prove yourself amongst the thousands, win $10,000. Really ESPN? $10k is all you can muster up? - Win $25 million here.. the catch is you need to pick a perfect men's bracket, women's bracket, and give them your 2nd child. All kidding aside, there's lots of prizes to win here, so check it out.


CBS BracketChallenge - Similar to ESPN. Bonus that you can watch MMOD while following your bracket.


CBS RoundByRound Brackets - A good alternative for those who don't want to be eliminated by the first weekend.


CBS BracketManager - Run your pool amongst friends. Beware all the AT&T ads.


Billy Packer's Bracket Game - Our partner features this game.. I guarantee you outscore Billy on any contest related to college basketball today.


FoxSports Bracket Challenge - Win a $1 million with a perfect bracket (kind of weak considering others offer $100 mill), or various Hooters related prizes.


CBS Selection Sunday Challenge - A new offering from CBS, where you predict what teams make the Tourney.


Facebook - There's a handful of highly popular NCAA Bracket games on Facebook sponsored by various companies.


BracketBrains - An interesting product I've never tried that theoretically helps you do better in pools. - No clue about this site, but it ranks high on Google, and it looks like they legitimately give out cash.


NBCSports: It's Madness - Win $5,000 from NBC. Come on NBC, you're NBC, give out some more dough.


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