NCAA Tournament Final Four: Writers' Predictions

March 16th, 2009

Need help picking the Final Four? CHN writers give their National Champion & Final predictions and we try and come up with some semblance of a consensus.


Note how the #1 seeds dominate our predictions. Perhaps our memories are overly dominated by last year year's Final Four, or maybe the top teams really are just that good. See how these picks compare to CHN's Official Prediction.


Writer Jeff Borzello Jason Brubaker Dan Daitchman Jeff Fox
Champ Pittsburgh UNC Pittsburgh UNC
Final 4 UCONN Louisville Wake Forest Louisville
Final 4 UNC Memphis UCONN UCONN
Final 4 Louisville Pittsburgh UNC Pittsburgh


Writer Raphielle Johnson Kevin McNeill Shawn Siegel Joel Welser
Champ Pittsburgh Louisville UNC Pittsburgh
Final 4 Louisville UNC UCONN Louisville
Final 4 Memphis Villanova Michigan St Missouri
  Oklahoma Memphis Pittsburgh Oklahoma


Writer Joey Whelan      
Champ UNC      
Final 4 Louisville      
Final 4 Florida St      
Final 4 Memphis      


Writer Consensus

Champion: Pittsburgh (5 of 9)

Runner Up: UNC


Final Four

East: Pittsburgh (7 of 9)

Midwest: Louisville (7 of 9)

West: UCONN/Memphis (4 of 9 each)

South: UNC (7 of 9)


The only real "surprise" picks are Wake Forest & Florida State in the Final Four by two of our writers. Interesting that the ACC is given a lot of respect.. except for Duke, which doesn't even make anybody's list. Perhaps that will come back to haunt us?..