NCAA Tournament: Tuesday's Bracket Tips

March 17th, 2009

Jon Teitel's Bracket Tactics will help you finish at the top of your NCAA Tournament Pools..


Tuesday's Tip: Focus on the Coaches



FACT ONE: Only 2 coaches with only 0 to 4 years’ tourney experience have won the NCAA title since 1985 (Steve Fisher of Michigan & Tom Izzo of Michigan State).


SIMPLY: Do not pick teams with young coaches to win it all.


MEANING: Butler, Marquette, Missouri, Purdue, and Wake Forest have little shot at a title run.



FACT TWO: Only 4 times ever have all 4 Final Four coaches had Final 4 experience (1951, 1968, 1984, 1993).


ANALYSIS: Feel free to pick a team whose coach has never coached in the Final 4 to make the Final 4.


MEANING:  This could be a good year for FSU, Gonzaga, Oklahoma, Pitt, Utah, and Xavier.



FACT THREE: But, 18 of last 22 champs have had coach who has previously been to a Final 4.


ANALYSIS: Pick a champ whose coach has previous Final 4 experience.


MEANING: Teams like FSU, Gonzaga, Oklahoma, Pitt, and Xavier may make deep runs, but are doubtful National Champions.


Yesterday's Tips focused on Conference affiliation.  Check back tomorrow for more of Jon's Bracket Tips.