New: Mid-Major Pickem Game (Sign Up Today!)

December 8th, 2008








How To Play:

- Once registered or logged in, visit and go to the MyPicks link to make your picks. It's that simple.

- You don't have to pick all games at once. You can pick 3 today, and the rest tomorrow. Or pick all 12 today and edit them before game time.

- All 12 games need to be picked prior to the weekly tip-off on Thursday. Once the first game starts, you can't edit the rest!


Why Mid-Major Pickem?

- CHN still has its standard Weekly Pickem Game, but the Mid-Major Game is a whole different beast. No BCS teams are allowed in the Mid-Major pickem game, meaning games only feature 2 non-BCS squads. This adds more variety from week to week, and requires you to dig deeper into your college basketball brains.



- Visit the Pickem Forum to discuss the games, brag about your success, introduce yourself, or pose any support questions. The two Pickem games share the same forum.


Pickem Dashboard: Pickem Dashboard - My Picks (make your picks here) - Standings - Rules and Regs - Pick Summary




- CHN Weekly Pickem is set up to be as simple as possible. Just pick games straight up and get points for each win. No gimmicks. No cost.

- Points are compiled weekly, and then each week's total is aggregated as the season continues. If you miss a week, don't worry, you can always return later. Plus, you'll get rewarded for individual week success.

- All games must be picked by the starting time of the week's initial game. Usually, the week's initial game will by Thursday evening. This means Monday through Wednesday can be used to make your picks. Once picks are set, you can change up until the moment of the initial weekly tip-off.


Don't Forget:

- Bookmark and return each week.

- Check out CHN's daily GameNight previews to help with your picks.



- There is no official weekly or end-of-season prize announcement at this point.. but there will be prizes (most likely gift cards from major retailers.. ie Best Buy) given at the end of the season for the following accomplishments:

- 1st place (season)

- 2nd place (season)

- Multiple Week winners (Anybody who wins more than 1 week will receive a prize)

- Weekly winners receive crowns: which show up on your profile pages, comments, forum posts, and other places soon.

- Beat a CHN expert contributor and get a year's worth of pride and verbal ammunition


*To be eligible for a prize, you must live within the United States (the 50 states only), and be signed up with a legitimate email address.



Please email CHN editor Shawn Siegel at