Game Notes: Pistons at Sixers

April 5th, 2009

by Michael Tillery
As I walked into the pressroom, the player’s absence was unmistakable. Why in the…. Joe? I know you saved yourself some money Mr. Dumars, but quit playin’ man.

Game Notes: Rockets at Lakers

April 4th, 2009

by Graham Flashner
Given their speed and athleticism, and the matchup problems they pose, you’d think the Rockets would’ve at least been able to take one game off the Lakers this year. You’d think that, with the Lakers just back from the longest March trip in their history – seven games, 13 days – they’d come out flat and be ripe for the picking.

See ya next year, AI

April 3rd, 2009

Allen Iverson and the Pistons have decided he will not play again this season. Wow, did that go bad fast.

End Route

April 3rd, 2009

Brooks More Than OK for Thunder

April 3rd, 2009

by Todd Spehr
Scott Brooks looked like he just stepped off a roller coaster.
The Thunder’s head coach sat down for his obligatory post-game press conference, looked out at a three-strong contingent of assembled writers (OKC isn’t exactly overflowing with media folks), and sighed. It was December 29, his team had just lost at home to Phoenix, and, at 3-29, was at a low point.

David Lee Makes a Case for Staying in New York

April 3rd, 2009

Wait a minute. Shouldn’t it be the other way around: “With seven games left in the season and free agency right around the corner, Lee made a pitch Thursday to remain a Knick as the organization looks to continue its rebuilding phase, with an eye toward landing a pair of big-name free agents during the summer of 2010.

Iverson’s Former Teammates Have His Back

April 3rd, 2009

They also don’t want to see him walk away from the game: “I’ll call him up and see what’s up,’’ Carmelo Anthony said before Thursday’s game against Utah about reaching out to his former teammate, traded last November from Denver to Detroit. “I hope (Iverson isn’t serious about retiring).

Weak Draft on the Way?

April 3rd, 2009

That’s the word on the street, it seems: “The draft lottery is May 19…and I’ve talked to several NBA executives and scouts who feel like this is going to be a very weak draft year. Some scouts actually don’t like to watch NCAA Tournament games because it can give you a false prospective of a players talent (especially considering the much weaker competition that player could face).

The Reason Dwight Howard Won’t Win MVP: He’s Too Tall

April 3rd, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni
You could list any number of reasons why Dwight won’t get his hands on the League’s highest individual honor this season, and none of them would be as brilliant as the one his assistant coach, Patrick Ewing, provided when asked for his opinion on the award.