Official: Brandon Jennings Going to Europe

July 9th, 2008

Arizona's Pac-10 title hopes (and no doubt Lute Olson's feelings) were crushed tonight as Brandon Jennings officially announced his decision to pursue professional basketball in Europe. The SAT troubled Jennings was already garnering praise as a potential All-Freshman & All-American candidate.


Word came through the pen of his lawyer, who released the following statement from Jennings: "Over the course of the last two months I have consulted a number of people in basketball before coming to this decision. I would like to thank the University of Arizona for their interest and support through this process."


Not to be outdone in terms of bland statements, Arizona head coach Lute Olson released the following: "We're disappointed in terms of Brandon's decision, but we want to wish him the best of luck. We hope that things turn out well for him in the future."


While its too late in the evening to write a complete diatribe on this move's effect on college basketball, it is at the very least, a supremely interesting (and gutsy) move. Will this become a severe blow to our beloved game or a non-starter? Time will tell.


- A couple weeks back, we put up a poll asking fans where Jennings would play next season. Only 16% said Europe.. apparently the readers were wrong.