Pickem Game: Prize Notice and an Apology

March 4th, 2010
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Hey Pickem players,
Sorry for disappearing for pretty much the last 2 or 3 months.. I'm still alive and kicking. Could make various excuses for where I've been, but no matter.. I have season-long pickem prizes set to go out once the final week wraps up.

Prizes = Best Buy Gift Cards + a Bonus in some situations

(Note: You have the option of accepting payment by PayPal as well. Its up to you. Ie, instead of $100 gift card, you'll get $100 sent to a PayPal account of your choosing. The only kicker is if you accept over PayPal, you won't get the bonus book/dvd mailed to you (if your prize includes a book or dvd.)

1st - $125
2nd - $50 + Basketball Book
3rd - $25 + Book or DVD

1st - $125
2nd - $50 + Basketball Book
3rd -$25 + Book or DVD

1st - $45 + Basketball Book
2nd - $25 + Book or DVD
*This is combined points between the two games. (If you win one of the main prizes too, this is added on.)

Wagg & Golddomefan are tied atop the National standings, while inflow has a 4 point lead in the mid-majors. In the combined category, it looks like BFPAWG is leading. Good luck,

Shawn Siegel