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June 10th, 2008
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College Hoops is More Than you Think

February 16th, 2007

Duke had raced out to a quick lead, but the opponent was finally buckling down on defense and getting some stops. Unfortunately for them, their defensive gameplan didn't call for guarding someone 27 feet from the basket. And so, Duke's #4 launched a well-beyond-NBA-range three pointer that hit nothing but net. Not a heave at the end of the shot clock, not a desperation three because Duke was down by double digits - just a calm, collected shot that was simply part of #4's game.

The Blue Devils were playing their toughest opponent so far, and on the road. It didn't matter. Duke's star shooting guard thrives off of these environments, and ended with 21 points... in the first half. A performance so dominant that the opposing coach's halftime adjustments consisted almost exclusively of "That player does not get another shot off for the rest of the game. Period."

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College hoops is more than you think

February 15th, 2007
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