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NCAA Basketball Recruiting

2003 Southwest Recruiting Database

Special Thanks to Mark Hatch

The following recruiting database is comprised of players who were recruited by or interested in playing for UTEP.  The majority of the information was compiled by UTEP recruiting expert, Mark Hatch. The players on this list range from the biggest names out there to marginal talents.

Player Name Player Information Signed With
Jason Arbet 6-7 PF, Naaman Forest HS, Houston Texas Southern
Torvoris Baker 6-6 SF/PF, Schoolcraft College, Detroit Detroit
Justin Benson 6-8 PF, Gulf Shores Academy, Houston New Mexico
Steve Castleberry 7-0 C, Dixie College, (UT) Rider
Chris Daniels 6-10 C, Sam Houston HS, San Antonio Texas A&M- CC
Lionel Davis 6-7 PF, Chaffey College, CA Idaho
Travis DeGroot 6-3 PG, New Mexico Military Institue unsigned
Chris Devine 6-7 SF, Chugiak HS, Eagle River, AK UCSB
Dramane Diarra 6-8 PF, Cloud County Comm. College, KS Kansas State
Tim Gainey 6-5 G/F, Cochise College, Douglas, AZ Southern Utah
Oswaldo Gonzalez 6-9 PF, Jacksonville (TX) College Tulsa
Andy Hannan 6-6 SF, Minn. Comm. and Tech. College UNLV
Christano Johnson 6-6 SF/PF, Laurinburg (NC) Charter HS Manhattan
Josh Kramer 6-8 SF/PF, Torrey Pines HS, San Diego Holy Cross
Darius Manciel 6-10 C/PF, Arkansas-Fort Smith CC McNeese St.
Carl Marshall 5-10 PG/SG, Crane HS, Chicago Baylor
Todd Martin 6-7 PF, Upland (CA) HS Albany (NY)
Clarence Matthews 6-6 PF, Central HS, Beaumont, TX ???
Evan Moore 6-6 PF, Olinda HS, Brea, CA Stanford (FB)
Edgar Moreno 6-2 PG, Lon Morris College, J'ville, TX Texas
Brent Murphy 6-8 PF, Lon Morris College, J'ville, TX UTEP
Alfred Neale 6-5 SF, N.E. Oklahoma A&M College New Mexico
Nathan Nixon 6-10 PF, Bandera (TX) HS Bethany Christian
Royce Parron 5-10 PG, Lincoln ParkHS, Chicago, IL ???
C.J. Pigford 6-7 PF, Lon Morris College, J'ville, TX UNC-Charlotte
Antonio Porch 6-6 SF, Denver (CO) East HS Denver
Sean Raboin 6-6 SF/SG, Mexico (MO) HS prep school
Filberto Rivera 6-2 PG, Southeastern CC, Iowa UTEP
Keith Smith 6-7 SF, Putnam HS, Oklahoma City Colorado
Guilherme Teichmann 6-9 SF, South Plains (TX) College Tulsa
Omar Thomas 6-5 SF, Panola College, Carthage, TX UTEP
Jason Williams 6-5 SF, Kilgore (TX) College UTEP
Kelvin Williams 6-5 SF/PF, Cedar Hill (TX) HS Sam Houston St.
Lorenzo Williams 6-0 SG, Ellison HS, Killeen, TX Baylor
Zack Wright 6-0 PG, Ellison HS, Killeen, TX UALR


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