Saturday's Final Four Recap

April 5th, 2008
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Wow...Memphis. I had a bad feeling as early as about six or seven minutes in. UCLA seemed out of sync after a couple of minutes. Memphis set an NCAA record for wins in a season with their 38th today. I wonder if UCLA set a record with three consecutive Final Fours without a championship?

Check out this song; maybe this could be the theme song for Memphis:

And wow...the Kansas-UNC game was this close to a comeback of epic proportions. I was practically crapping myself and throwing tons of stuff at the new TV (not good). I found myself truly amazed how great Kansas looked in the beginning and equally as amazed how UNC came back.

From a picks/conest standpoint, I lost my winner, but did pick Kansas in the final. Here's the weird thing thing: In one pool, I'm actually winning, but if Kansas wins, I finish in second. In another where I think I still have a chance, Kansas needs to win. Hmmmm...may have to sit that one out. Since I had Kansas this far,I'd say right now-go Kansas.

One other non Final Four note: -As a follow-up to an earlier post that I wrote concerning coach Jim Larranaga, here's something John Feinstein wrote in Friday's Washington Post that I think should be read: This is one of the best things I have seen from one of the best writers. Please take the time to read this. Our area in DC is truly blessed to have writers like Feinstein. Coaches- if I can reach out to you, I would send you this article. This definitely reinforces my feeling about how happy I am Larranaga is staying at George Mason. Sadly, we only have one more day of college basketball season left. I'll do some of my shining moments on Monday, sans soundtrack (but you'll visualize it, right??)