Some Thoughts on Upcoming Content..

July 28th, 2008

Just wanted to give a quick update on some upcoming content on CHN including the status of the Top 144..

Right now, we're currently 6 days behind on the Top 144 (in terms of getting them all up by opening day). I've been taking the weekends off in the summer, so that will mean Mondays and Tuesdays will feature 2 previews a day (Rider & Marshall today) for the next couple weeks until I start doing regular weekend updates sometime in late August. (I really should say that I've been 6 days behind getting them online, as Joel keeps churning out the previews on schedule).

The SEC Rise & Fall article will go online tonight or early tomorrow, afterwords I'll be running through overall league Rise & Fall article (BCS leagues first, then high-major, and then mid-majors).

Also, in terms of our every day or two cheerleader picture, starting next week I will be going back to college photos, instead of the recent run of NBA dancers.

Lastly, we've formed a little partnership with, who will be providing a special NBA article just about every day during the work week. This will include coverage of Summer League, Trade Rumors, or anything associated with NCAA hoops.

Hope everyone's summer is going well!

Shawn Siegel



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