2007 NBA Draft: Biggest Surprises

June 29th, 2007

Another NBA draft is in the books, and as usual there was a ton of activity with even more rumors flying around. The biggest surprise of the night is the trades that didn’t go down, as opposed to what actually did transpire. Here are the top shockers from the evening:

Kevin Garnett is still in Minnesota

With all of the rumors flying about KG, and all the prospective teams interested in his services, it is a bit of a surprise that he is still with the Timberwolves the morning after the draft. Minnesota’s brass seemed determined to ship him out before or during the draft but apparently couldn’t get a deal done.

Ray-Ray is a Celtic

There were rumors heading into the draft that Seattle was open to trading Ray Allen. The fact that he ended up in Boston to team up with Paul Pierce was a surprise. The Celtics realize that games are played with only one ball, right?

Brandan Wright’s Stock Drop

For the longest time heading up to the draft, UNC’s Wright was the consensus pick for the #3 slot in the draft. Even after it became apparent that Atlanta was going to go with Al Horford with the third pick, Wright wasn’t expected to drop all the way to the eighth spot. Wright is a steal at pick eight – he is probably the third best prospect in this loaded draft class.

Charlotte’s Wrong Trade of Wright

Apparently the Bobcats didn’t realize how lucky they were to get the above-mentioned Wright with the eighth pick. While Jason Richardson is a decent player, he is owed around $50 million still over the next four years and has never made an all-star team. He is getting paid franchise-player money but isn’t one. Golden State got a steal in this deal. Michael Jordan made the wrong deal with Wright.

Josh McRoberts Monumental Drop

Duke’s talented McRoberts was projected as a future lottery pick when he entered college. After two so-so seasons at Duke, his stock dropped a bit. But the fact that he lasted until pick #37 is a shock. Portland got a steal at this pick and came out of this draft smelling like roses (the Rose City – get it!).

Phoenix’s Inability to Make Moves

The Suns stated that they had deals in place that would get them into the top 10 of the draft. They were so certain that they had many of the top lottery prospects work out for them recently. So it came as a surprise that the only first round moves Phoenix ended up making was selling it’s #24 pick to Portland and drafting Alando Tucker at pick #29.

Sean Williams Went at #17

There is no way that Boston College’s Williams should have gone that high (excuse the pun) in the draft. While he is a great physical specimen, athlete and shot-blocker, his off-court issues were ongoing in college – he didn’t just get into trouble once. Plus he averaged around 5 points per game for his college career. Shot blocking specialists with drug problems who were reluctant to work out for teams leading up to the draft should not be picked at #17.