2008 NCAA Tournament: Houston Regional

January 28th, 2008

South Regional

Thursday and Saturday, March 28 and 30, 2008

Reliant Stadium

Houston, Texas

Host: University of Houston & Rice University
Web site: reliantpark.com



Reliant Stadium Information


Reliant Stadium is the home of the NFL’s Houston Texans and is currently the only NFL stadium to feature a retractable roof. The stadium is housed in Reliant Park, a sprawling, versatile facility that can host any number of different venues and events. Besides Reliant Stadium, Reliant Park features the Astrodome, previous home of the Houston Astros, Reliant Center, and Reliant Arena. Both the Arena and the Center are more suited for conference hosting, while the Stadium is for sporting events. The official capacity during NFL games is 71,500; however, these numbers will be adjusted as the Reliant prepares to host NCAA Basketball.



Hosts the Final Four



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