College Basketball Year In Review: Best Moment of 2007

December 29th, 2007
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Yes its cliché, end of year articles about the biggest stories of the year, or the best moments, or the most important people.  But, what can you do.. there’s just something nostalgic about New Year’s time.  So I decided to ask CHN writers some of the standard year in review questions, a nice way to wrap up what was an exciting year in college basketball.


Question: What was the best college basketball moment of 2007?  


Jeff Borzello – Maynor Knocks Out Duke

My favorite college basketball moment was, by far, Eric Maynor's pull-up jumper to give VCU the win over Duke in the first-round of the NCAA Tournament. I had fell in love with the Rams and Maynor earlier in the season and it gave me satisfaction to see a) my prediction come through and b) the victim be Duke. The shot is still my desktop's background, in fact.


Jason Brubaker – Florida Cuts Down the Nets

My favorite moment of 2007 was watching Florida cut down the nets for the second time, proving that teamwork and sacrifice can pay off. On many teams, three future lottery picks would spell trouble in terms of shots, top billing, etc. However, they proved that the team is the most important thing, and that's a lesson that was great for basketball.


Jeff Fox – The legend of Greg Oden

Watching Greg Oden play - despite the unreasonable level of hype and expectations heaped upon him and being injured for most of the year, Oden didn't disappoint.


Raphielle Johnson  – Divison II National Championship

Barton’s comeback to beat Winona State in the Division II national title game was my favorite. Usually this game is nothing more than a warm-up for the first two regional finals of the weekend. This one was a whole lot more.


Jon Teitel – Vegas in March

I have had friends tell me stories about being in Vegas during the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, but I had never seen it with my own eyes until last March (thanks to my brother scheduling his bachelor party at that time/location).  The mix of gamblers cheering about the point spread, fans who traveled to Sin City from all over the country cheering on their favorite teams, and EVERYONE cheering for VCU to upset Duke was unlike anything I have ever experienced before.


Jason Tomassini – Gus Johnson’s call of Xavier-Ohio State

Not only was the game unbelievable, with the Buckeyes making the first incredible comeback of their Final Four run and Mike Conley emerging from Oden’s shadow, but Johnson’s call of Ron Lewis’ game-tying three in the final seconds of regulation made it timeless. Gus’ completely indecipherable screech when Lewis hit the shot symbolized, in one exuberant yelp, the excitement of the NCAA Tourney and cemented Johnson as a March Madness (“HaHA!”) legend.


Joel Welser – Opening Tip of 2007 NCAA Tournament

They say the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament is like Christmas for college basketball fans. Well, Christmas just passed and I must say the NCAA Tournament is much more exciting. My favorite moment of 2007 was the tip-off of the first game of the 2007 NCAA Tournament and I have a feeling it will be my favorite moment of 2008 as well.


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