Daily Dribble: 1/06

January 6th, 2007

For awhile, it looked like Duke was going to tease the haters once again by pulling out another close, poorly-played home win. But Virginia Tech, a team that has struggled over the last year and a half to win close games, pulled out the 69-67 overtime win.

The way Duke mishandled the ball, they really had no business being in the game. At one point, the Blue Devils had 21 turnovers to just 7 from Virginia Tech. In the end, VT ended up with 13 steals to Duke's 2. That includes 5 from Deron Washington, who at one point jumped over Greag Paulus (literally) to make a nice lay up, and then blocked the Duke PG's three at the buzzer. Paulus ended a horrific game with more turnovers than points, assists, and rebounds combined. The loss drops Duke to 13-2, and probably down to the 10-12 range in the polls (which is still too high). The Dukies only have one win over a currently ranked team (#16 Air Force) and don't play a ranked team again until Clemson in 3 weeks. For VT, the win puts them at 11-4 overall and atop the ACC as the only 2-0 team right now. (BC, up 25-11 on NC State will probably join them at 2-0 by the end of the afternoon.)

Georgetown won their 7th straight earlier in the day, beating #22 Notre Dame 66-48. The Hoyas frontcourt was too much for the Irish to deal with. 7-footer Roy Hibbert scored 18 and pulled down 7 boards, while ND's Rob Kurz didn't hit a field goal and had just 5 rebounds.

Other ranked teams in jeoparady of losing as I write this: #8 Alabama is down 23-6 at Arkansas, and #1 UCLA is losing 20-14 at Oregon.

#3 Florida was threatened early by Georgia, but pulled away late for a 67-51 win. Senior Lee Humphrey had one of his best shooting games of the season, scoring 16 points, including 4-6 of three. Humphrey hasn't been bad this year, but statistically he's down in just about every category including fg%, 3-pt %, ppg, apg, and rpg..

Nothing too exciting on Friday night, the best team in action was 11-4 Marist. Jared Jordan, coming off a triple-double against Loyola MD (12, 10, and 10) had a mere double-double for the Red Foxes, scoring 13 and dishing out 11 assists. Jordan was a late 2nd round pick in our most recent NBA Mock Draft, but it will be interesting to see what NBA scouts think of his game. Statistically, his averages of 16 points, 6 boards, and 8 assists per game are the best of any point guard in the country. And at 6-2, 187 pounds, he has solid size for a point guard. There are some major questions though about his quickness and his decision-making. Can he handle quick NBA guards like Devin Harris and Leandro Barbosa. (Most can't match up with those guys, so the comparison is a bit unfair, but you get the point.) More importantly, his 4.4 turnovers per game are a bit scary. Assists are nice, but taking care of the basketball is just as important. If you turn it over 8 times against a weak Minnesota team, how will you be able to control the game against Jason Kidd.. or even against Beno Udrih.

The best thing Jordan has going for him is that this year's potential point guard crop is so thin. The top potential pg's are Ronald Steele and Dominic James.. and neither of those guys are really lighting it up. Steele is barely averaging 10 ppg, and James is averaging 4.4 assists to just 2.8 to's.. a weak 1.58 ratio.

- More to come later -