Daily Dribble: Comparing Preseason and Final All-Freshman Teams

March 8th, 2007

We released our all-freshman teams today.. and I thought it would be interesting to see how our preseason predictions compared to the now. Below are our

Preseason Predictions:

Preseason National Rookie of the Year
Kevin Durant - SF, Texas, 6-10

Preseason First Team CHN All-Freshman

Paul Harris - PG, Syracuse, 6-4
Chase Budinger - G/F, Arizona, 6-7
Kevin Durant - SF, Texas, 6-10
Spencer Hawes - C, Washington, 6-11
Greg Oden - C, Ohio State, 7-0

Preseason Second Team CHN All-Freshman

Tywon Lawson - PG, UNC, 5-11
DJ Augustin - PG, Tennessee, 5-11
Gerald Henderson - G/F, Duke, 6-5
Jeremy Mayfield - PF, UAB, 6-10
Brook Lopez - C, Stanford, 7-0

Preseason Third Team CHN All-Freshman

Javaris Crittenton - PG, Georgia Tech, 6-4
Matt Bouldin - SG, Gonzaga, 6-5
Thaddeus Young - SF, Georgia Tech, 6-8
Brandan Wright - PF, UNC, 6-9
Wayne Chism - PF, Tennessee, 6-8

Preseason Fourth Team CHN All-Freshman

Willie Kemp - PG, Memphis, 6-2
Patrick Beverley - PG, Arkansas, 6-2
Wayne Ellington - SG, UNC, 6-4
Tyler Smith - SF, Iowa, 6-7
Stanley Robinson - PF, UCONN, 6-8

Vs. Now:

Nat'l Freshman of the Year: Kevin Durant (Texas)

CHN First-Team All-Freshman
G: DJ Augustin (Texas)
G: Mike Conley (Ohio State)
F: Kevin Durant (Texas)
F: Brandan Wright (UCLA)
C: Greg Oden (Ohio State)

CHN Second-Team All-Freshman
G: Stephen Curry (Davidson)
G: Javaris Crittenton (Georgia Tech)
F: Chase Budinger (Arizona)
F: Ryan Anderson (Cal)
C: Spencer Hawes (Washington)

Third-Team All-Freshman
G: Patrick Beverley (Arkansas)
G: Ty Lawson (UNC)
G: Scottie Reynolds (Villanova)
F: Brandon Costner (NC State)
F: Tyler Smith (Iowa)

Honorable Mention All-Freshman: Sherron Collins (Kansas), Jerome Dyson (UCONN), Wayne Ellington (UNC), Tag Gibson (USC), Eugene Harvey (Seton Hall), Wesley Johnson (Iowa State), Brook Lopez (Stanford), Raymar Morgan (Michigan State), Ishmael Smith (Wake Forest), Ramar Smith (Tennessee), Greivis Vasquez (Maryland), Thaddeus Young (Georgia Tech)

The Comparison:

Overall not a bad effort, but there are definitely some major differences. Only two of our original Top 5 made the final All-Freshman team. Those two are no-brainers Kevin Durant (who we correctly chose as Freshman of the Year) and Greg Oden. We had Augustin on the 2nd team and Wright on the 3rd, while Conley was nowhere to be found. Our omission of Conley was against the grain at the time, and we ended up being wrong on him.

Meanwhile, we had Budinger, Hawes, and Paul Harris on our first team instead. Budinger and Hawes both had solid seasons and made our 2nd team, so nothing major there. Harris however didn't even make our Honorable Mention list. Harris didn't have an awful season (8 ppg and 7 rpg), but he wasn't quite up to the high standards set by the top freshmen this year. If there was an honorable mention to the honorable mention list.. then that's where Harris would be.

Our 2nd team was hit and miss as well. It included the aforementioned Augustin, as well as a mix of quality and disasters. Ty Lawson ended up on our 3rd team instead of the 2nd so no shame there, while Brook Lopez was very solid and ended up Honorable Mention. But then we have Gerald Henderson and.. Jeremy Mayfield? Henderson was disappointing for Duke, only averaging 6 ppg (though he did show flashes in the last two games before bashing Hansbrough in the head). Mayfield ended up spending most of the season on UAB's bench avergaing just 4 ppf and 4 rpg. That pick was a bit "out there" to begin with, and we got burned.

Our third team included eventual first-teamer Brandan Wright, Georgia Tech's solid pair of Crittenton and Young, and two guys who didn't even make Honorable Mention. Gonzaga's Matt Bouldin (9 ppg and 4 rpg) and Tennessee's Wayne Chism (9 ppg and 6 rpg) both had highly productive years, but like Paul Harris is only next in line for our Honorable Mention list. In past years, these guys would have been possible Third or Fourth teamers, so their omission is merely a sign of this season's amazing freshman class.

Finally, our fourth team included Willie Kemp and Stanley Robinson. These guys didn't even sniff Honorable Mention contention. Both played in the 15 to 20 mpg range for their teams and were mostly bit players. Personally, Robinson was the most disappointing, as I thought he would seriously scored in the 10 to 15 ppg range.

Perhaps the biggest surprise on the positive end was Davidson's Stephen Curry who made our final 2nd-team. Curry averaged a whopping 21 ppg and 5 rpg, leading Davidson to an NCAA Tournament bid, and he wasn't even on our radar before the season. Besides the 2nd-team honors, he was also a member of our Mid-Major All-Freshman team and the Mid-Major Freshman of the Year.