Daily Dribble: The Ultimate Rivalry Week

February 5th, 2007

ESPN is promoting this week as Rivalry Week.. though outside of Texas/Texas A&M tonight, and Duke/UNC, there's nothing that really gets me that excited. What I'd like to see is an in-state Rivalry week that included teams for all 50 states (well 50 minus Alaska, but substituting the District of Columbia).

Not every state (like Vermont or Maine) can really accommodate an in-state rivalry.. so in select situations I've resorted to out-of-state rivalries. In these situations, I've always matched up a team in a neighboring state (I counted Hawaii and California as neighboring). Also in states where there are 3 major schools, I've had to resort to out-of-state games, or where there is 1 school in a specific state that is simply out of the others' league.

You'll notice that not all 300+ D1 schools are accounted for. I've included only those schools or games that seem like they'd have some kind of interest nationally (ie, state schools, schools in bigger conferences, with a basketball tradition, etc.) Of course, there are many more in-state games that could be included.. Loyola-Chicago vs Chicago State, etc, etc.

There ended up being two schools that just never fit into the criteria set out above. Vanderbilt and Maryland. The two will just have to start a new completely random rivalry..

The Ultimate Rivalry Week

Alabama - Alabama vs Auburn
Arizona - Arizona vs Arizona State
Arkansas - Arkansas State vs UALR
California - UCLA vs USC, Stanford vs California, Pacific vs Pepperdine, USD vs USF, SDSU vs Fresno, LMU vs Santa Clara
Colorado - Colorado vs Colorado State
Delaware - Delaware vs Delaware State
DC - Georgetown vs GW, American vs Howard
Florida - Florida vs Florida State, Miami vs South Florida, FAU vs FIU
Georgia - Georgia vs Georgia Tech
Idaho - Idaho vs Idaho State
Illinois - Northwestern vs UIC, Bradley vs Illinois State
Indiana - Notre Dame vs Purdue, Butler vs Indiana State
Iowa - Iowa vs Iowa State, Northern Iowa vs Drake
Kansas - Kansas vs Kansas State
Kentucky - Kentucky vs Louisville, WKU vs EKU
Louisiana - Tulane vs New Orleans, Lou-Monroe vs Lou-Lafayette
Maryland - UMBC vs UMES
Massachusetts - BC vs BU, Harvard vs Holy Cross
Michigan - Michigan vs Michigan State, CMU vs WMU
Mississippi - Ole Miss vs Mississippi State
Montana - Montana vs Montana State
Nebraska - Creighton vs Nebraska
Nevada - Nevada vs UNLV
New Jersey - Rutgers vs Seton Hall
New Mexico - New Mexico vs New Mexico State
New York - Syracuse vs St. John's, Manhattan vs Hofstra, Columbia vs Cornell
North Carolina - Duke vs UNC, NC State vs Wake Forest, Charlotte vs Davidson
Ohio - Xavier vs Cincinnati, Dayton vs Wright State, Akron vs Ohio
Oklahoma - Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State, Tulsa vs Oral Roberts
Oregon - Oregon vs Oregon State, Portland vs Portland State
Pennsylvania - Penn State vs Pitt, Villanova vs St Joseph's, La Salle vs Temple, Bucknell vs Lehigh, Drexel vs Duquesne
Rhode Island - URI vs Providence
South Carolina - South Carolina vs Clemson, Charleston vs Winthrop
Tennessee - Memphis vs Tennessee, ETSU vs MTSU, Lipscomb vs Belmont
Texas - Texas vs Texas A&M, Texas Tech vs Baylor, Houston vs Rice
Utah - Utah vs BYU
Virginia - Virginia vs Virginia Tech, Richmond vs George Mason, Old Dominion vs James Madison
Washington - Washington vs Washington State
West Virgina - West Virginia vs Marshall
Wisconsin - UWM vs UWGB

Non-State - LSU vs Arkansas
Non-State - Army vs Navy* (Not in connecting states, but i love these games).
Non-State - Penn vs Princeton
Non-State - NDSU vs SDSU
Non-State - Wisconsin vs Minnesota
Non-State - Marquette vs DePaul
Non-State - Gonzaga vs Boise State
Non-State - Wyoming vs Air Force
Non-State - New Hampshire vs Maine
Non-State - UCONN vs UMASS
Non-State - Vermont vs Albany
Non-State - Hawaii vs San Jose State
Non-State - Detroit vs Toledo
Non-State - Ohio State vs Indiana
Non-State - Missouri vs Illinois
Non-State - Wichita State vs Missouri State
Non-State - Saint Louis vs Southern Illinois
Non-State - South Alabama vs Southern Miss
Leftovers - Maryland vs Vanderbilt

Altogether, a pretty impressive list of games. On the most parts, schools are matched up against equal competition. Miami seems to get slighted by facing Southern Florida.. but the Bulls are now in the Big East so I treated them accordingly. Similarly, Gonzaga-Boise State is completely random.. but there aren't many options in the Northwest. A few decently sized schools with quality teams aren't included.. Utah State, UTEP, and Louisiana Tech come to mind.. but on the most part I think I've included every school of note.