Five Minutes With a Star: Baylor's Tweety Carter

January 10th, 2008
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Five Minutes With Tweety Carter.. Baylor's Star Guard


Sophomore guard Tweety Carter is helping Baylor achieve new heights, as the Bears are off to a 13-2 start. In just 23 minutes per game, the speedy 5-10 playmaker is averaging 9 ppg and 3 apg, including an almost 2 to 1 assist/turnover ratio.


CHN) Win or lose, what's the best game your team has played so far?

TC) Our game against Notre Dame in the Paradise Jam Tournament. We were able to pick up a lot of defensive stops that were key to the win.

CHN) Do you think the team has played as well as it is capable of?

TC) No, we can do a better job at closing games, getting stops late and maintaining leads through the rest of the season.

CHN) Is there any opposition player that you have been particularly impressed with?

TC) Harangody from Notre Dame. We knew that he relied heavily on his left shoulder, but he was still very physical and difficult to stop.

CHN) Grading your own play from A to F, what would you give yourself and why?

TC) I'm not really sure, I just know that I have to get better this season.

CHN) What are you looking forward to in the 2nd half of the season?

TC) Getting better on defensively and in rebounding. That will help us win some more games."


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