Five Minutes With a Star: Duke's DeMarcus Nelson

January 20th, 2008
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Five Minutes With DeMarcus Nelson.. Duke's Star Guard


In his senior season, DeMarcus Nelson continues to be the Blue Devils best and most consistent performer. Not bad considering Duke is 15-1 and a serious contender for the ACC title. Amazingly, he leads the team in PPG, RPG, 3P%, and is 2nd in APG, and FG%. One of the best seniors in the country, Nelson has to be in the running for All-American honors. Win or lose, what's the best game Duke has played so far?


DeMarcus Nelson) I would say our best game would be the Marquette game in Maui because of what was on the line. It was the championship game of the Maui Invitational against a top-15 opponent. I think both teams played well until the end. It was a moment where our whole team competed at the highest level, defensively and offensively, and we got the win.



CHN) Do you think the team has played as well as its capable of?


DN) I think we are at a good spot. I think we have been good and have a lot of potential with still some room for improvement. There is never going to be a time when you can say you are playing at your best or say you are perfect because there is always going to be something in the game that you can get better at. But I think right now we are in a good spot.



CHN) Is there any opposition player that you've been particularly impressed with?


DN) There hasn’t been an opposing player that I have played against that has been really difficult for me to defend. We have played against some really good players and I usually guard the other team’s best player, but I haven’t had a problem defending those guys. I would probably say the hardest guy in college that I have had to defend was my teammate J.J. Reddick, just having to guard him in practice and chase him off screens.



CHN) Grading your own play from A to F, what would you give yourself and why?


DN) Right now I would give myself a “B”. I say that because there are some things out there on the court that I can get better at like shooting a higher percentage from the free throw line. Maybe finishing around the basket a little bit better. I have been shooting a pretty good percentage from the floor but having a chippy here or there in a game and a couple of free throws here or there and it makes a difference.



CHN) What are you most looking forward to in the 2nd half of the season?


DN) I am looking forward to having the opportunity to compete for a league championship. In our first championship opportunity of the season (Maui Invitational) we got it. It is our second championship we are competing for and going through that process night-in and night-out is pretty exciting.



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