Games of the Day: Clemson at Maryland

March 2nd, 2008

A companion to our daily Three Stars of the Day, we present the top three Games of the Night.


Clemson (20-7) at Maryland (18-11)

7:30 PM FSN

Are the Terps a lock to make the Big Dance? Not yet.. they have some work to do.  Take away the UNC game.. and their 2nd best win is against #69 Florida State. That's pretty sad for an ACC team.  Realistically, tournament-bound teams are supposed to be favored against Clemson at home.. and the fact this is a pick-em game in Vegas shows you how little those in the know respect Maryland. This is their final regular season chance to prove that UNC wasn't just a fluke.

Prediction: Maryland


Temple (15-12) at Saint Joseph's (17-9)

7:00 PM

This is a must win for the Hawks. I have them in the field of 65 as of now (barely), but other's have them on the outside looking in. A loss tonight and they're done.. not so much because of what they've accomplished, but because they have a brutal finish to the regular season. Games against Xavier and at Dayton remain. At the very least, a win locks up a .500 or better finish in the A10.

Prediction: Saint Joseph's


#12 Indiana (24-4) at #15 Michigan State (22-6)

2:00 PM CBS

This is the day's premier game in terms of overall ranking, but it's pretty meaningless except for seeding purposes.  Will Michigan State be a 5 or a 6 seed.. such drama. In 2008, the Spartans have only beaten one half-decent team (Purdue on January 8th). But their 5 point favorites because they haven't lost a home game all year. That trend should continue today, crushing whatever Big Ten title hopes IU had.

Prediction: Michigan State


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