Games of the Day: Stanford at Arizona

February 16th, 2008

Games of the Night


A companion to our daily Three Stars of the Day, we present the top three Games of the Night.


#7 Stanford (20-4) at Arizona (16-8)

3:30 PM ABC

Sure, MSU at Indiana might be the best game going by the polls.. but 3 of the last 4 Games of the Night have been between Big Ten teams, so it's getting tiresome. I'd much rather watch this Pac-10 matchup, featuring more interesting individual talent. Despite Arizona's mediocre 6-5 conference record.. they have 5 wins against Top 50 RPI teams, so on a good night they can play with the big boys. Plus, when these two teams met a month ago at Stanford, the Wildcats came close to pulling off an upset. Brook Lopez was the key to the Cardinal win, and he will again be dominant down the low. The difference though was that Bayless had an off game that night, but should be ready to score 20+ tonight.

Prediction: Arizona


#9 Michigan State (20-4) at #12 Indiana (20-4)

9:00 PM ESPN

As I noted in yesterday's Report Card.. my Big Ten predictions have been horrible. So whatever you do, don't put a bet on the team I pick. It is guaranteed to be wrong. With that said, I like the Hoosiers at home. The off-the-court Sampson issues won't play as big a role as people expect.. and eventually the Hoosiers have to beat a half-decent team.. right?

Prediction: Indiana


#8 Georgetown (20-3) at Syracuse (16-9)

12:00 PM ESPN

So I'm writing this article a bit late today.. and 30 minutes of this game have already unfolded. The Cuse are rocking the Carrier Dome, up 30-12 right now.. but I had originally intended to go with G'Town, so I can't go back on my initial thought now.  It would be hilarious if the Orange managed to lose.

Prediction: Georgetown


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