Games of the Night: Maryland at Wake Forest

February 28th, 2008

Maryland (17-11) at Wake Forest (16-9)

8:00 PM

Considering there are multiple games featuring ranked teams tonight on national TV, it might be odd to put Maryland/Wake as the Game of the Night. But no matchup has bigger NCAA Tournament implications. Most analysts, including Lunardi, have Maryland in the field of 65, but Wake on the outside. Yet Wake has a better RPI (65 to 69), more Top 50 wins (3 to 1), and virtually the same record.  Though Wake doesn't necessarily deserve to be a Tournament team, once Wake wins tonight, there really can be no justification for why the Terps are still inside the bubble.

Prediction: Wake Forest


#4 UCLA (24-3) at Arizona State (17-9)

10:30 PM

Arizona State is certainly on the bubble.. and a win tonight would go a long way towards securing their tournament bid. The problem is that ASU hasn't beaten UCLA since February of 2004, and the last time these teams met.. the Bruins just romped. This why the Sun Devils are 7 point home underdogs. I think this game will be close and I might take ASU against the spread, but UCLA is a far superior team.

Prediction: UCLA


#17 Notre Dame (21-5) at #18 Louisville (22-6)

7:00 PM ESPN

It came down to this game or MSU at Wisconsin for the final spot. Both feature ranked teams near the top of their respective conferences. But the problem with both Notre Dame and Michigan State is that neither has proven they can get it done on the road. Both teams have beaten lesser teams on the road, but failed to come close against the top contenders. Thus there's little reason to think ND can win tonight (or that MSU can win at Wiscy).

Prediction: Louisville


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