Games of the Night: UNC at Clemson

January 6th, 2008

Games of the Night


A companion to our daily Three Stars of the Day, we present the top three Games of the Night.


North Carolina (14-0) at Clemson (12-1)

7:30 PM FSN

Jeff chose it as our Game of the Week, so it might as well be the Game of the Night. But does anyone seriously think Clemson will actually contend for an ACC title this year? Not me.

Prediction: North Carolina


Marquette (11-1) at West Virginia (10-3)

2:00 PM

Marquette comes into this game feeling good about themselves, having destroyed their last five opponents, including Providence. WVU does have two home losses, and if Oklahoma can win there (even though that was a semi-home game), then so can #11 Marquette. Still, this should be the closest of our Games of the Night.

Prediction: Marquette


Pittsburgh (12-1) at Villanova (10-2)

12:00 PM

The loss of Levance Fields will hinder Pitt in most games, but particularly against a team with solid guards like Reynolds and Fisher. Even though Nova comes in ranked 19th I'm not a big beleiver, but they have enough firepower to get it done.

Prediction: Villanova



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