Joel Knows: New Weekly Column

January 21st, 2007
Does Joel know everything? Anything? Or does Joel simply know nothing? Find out every Sunday in Joel Welser’s new weekly column: Joel Knows


Joel knows.. that the Pac-10 will have six teams dancing and Washington won’t be one of them…or be even close to being one of them.  Sorry Cal, despite the decent start, the absence of DeVon Hardin will have the Bears on the outside looking in as well.


Joel knows.. that Appalachian State has the leg up on the journey to represent the Southern Conference in the NCAA Tournament.  The Mountaineers knocked off Davidson on the road Saturday thanks to D.J. Thompson’s 19 points.  This was the only regular season game between the two squads and, if they meet again in March, a lot more will be on the line.


Joel knows.. that the Mid-Con isn’t just about Ned Flanders’ Alma mater Oral Roberts.  Oakland, which boasts non-fictional attendees such as David Hasselhoff, “Freddie Krueger” and “Booger” from ‘Revenge of the Nerds,’ is now 5-0 in conference play, including wins over perceived contenders Valparaiso and IUPUI.  The true test comes on Thursday when the Golden Grizzlies head to Tulsa, Oklahoma to take on the other golden animal of the conference.


Joel knows.. that Oregon deserved to be a lot higher than #9 or #10 in the polls last week and deserves to be in the top five this week, but won’t be.


Joel knows.. that Louisville is actually a decent team when Juan Palacios is at full strength, physically and mentally.  Some more consistent production out of David Padgett would help too.  At least then the Cardinals won’t feel obligated to jack up as many three’s.


Joel knows.. that Drexel’s blasé performance against a bad and depleted Delaware team moves the CAA one step closer to returning to a one-bid conference.   The second step is having the top teams beat up on each other, which the 14th ranked conference in the RPI cannot afford if the association dreams of having a dance partner come March.


Joel knows.. that a few years of Dick Bennett worship has been in vain.  Tony Bennett, with a slightly disappointing slightly faster tempo, has done a lot more at Washington State…with a little more talent…than the elder Bennett ever could have hoped.


Joel knows.. Saint Louis is in trouble, but not as much as fellow A-10er Richmond, after scoring a whopping two points in the first 17 minutes against Dayton on Saturday.


Joel knows.. that watching 41 games on TV in one day, not to mention another half dozen or so on the internet, is the best way to spend a Saturday…besides sitting courtside at Hinkle…preferably at least a couple seats away from CigarBoy.