Picture of the Day: Ed Hightower

January 28th, 2008

Picture of the Day


Thanks to our friends over at Icon Sports Media, we now have access to thousands of great college basketball photos to use on the site.  Each day, CHN will feature a Picture of the Day, which might include a newsworthy, funny, or simply interesting subject. At the bottom will be a caption or headline that might be informative or amusing. The possibilities are endless!


Ed Hightower



Probably the most well known college basketball referee, Ed Hightower (looking extremely awkward in this picture.. showing off for the cheerleaders) was once again in the midst of controversy at the end of the Georgetown's one-point win over West Virginia. It was his crew that didn't call goaltending against Patrick Ewing Jr.. a fine no-call if you ask me.  Like the NBA's Dick Bavetta or Joe Crawford, Hightower always seems to be in controversial games mainly because he's always called upon to ref the big games that people care about. 


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