Player of the Week: Michael Beasley

November 11th, 2007

The first Player of the Week for the 2007-08 season is a no-brainer. Kansas State's Michael Beasley got off to one of the best starts in college basketball history by averaging 31 points and 19 rebounds per game in two Wildcat wins. Beasley's opponents, Sacramento State and Pittsburgh State (a D2 team), won't wow you with talent.. but did I mention he averaged 31 and 19 per game?

You can quibble over the fact he had 8 turnovers in game one, and somehow managed to foul out against the Gorillas of PSU. But 62 points and 38 boards makes up for any shortcomings. To put the 62 points in perspective, fellow starting forward, Luis Colon, has scored 64 points in his 31 game career.

Like Kevin Durant, who is now chucking up missed jumpers for the Sonics (a low blow), Beasley's career probably won't last longer than 30 games or so. The 6-10 forward is destined to be an NBA lottery pick.. and perhaps based on the way things are going for Durant and co., Beasley could join him in Seattle.. or make that Oklahoma City.

2007-08 Players of the Week

November 11th - Michael Beasley, FR, F, Kansas State