Preseason Big East All-Conference Teams

October 22nd, 2006
Last season 11 players were selected first-team all-conference, another 10 second-team all-conference, and an additional five honorable mention all-conference.  Only one of the 11 first-team players, one of the 10 second-team players, and two of the five honorable mention players are around for the 2005-2006 season.  One other player, Curtis Sumpter, was selected second team all-conference in 2004-2005 but missed last year as a medical redshirt. 


I’ve decided to take the same approach the conference used except that both the first and second teams will be limited to 10 players each.  I’m not going to include “honorable mention.”  However, I will include a list of five players that could easily move ahead of those already mentioned.


First Team:


Dominic James (Marquette) –Guard

A.J.  Price (Connecticut) –Guard

Sammy Mejia (DePaul) – Guard

Paul Harris (Syracuse) –Guard

Curtis Sumpter (Villanova) –Forward

Jeff Green (Georgetown) – Forward

Lamont Hamilton (St. John’s) – Forward

Jeff Adrien (Connecticut) –Forward

Aaron Gray (Pittsburgh) – Center

Roy Hibbert (Georgetown) – Center


Second Team:


Levance Fields (Pittsburgh) –Guard

Mike Nardi (Villanova) – Guard

Eric Devendorf (Syracuse) – Guard

Jerel McNeal (Marquette) – Guard

Demetris Nichols (Syracuse) – Forward

JR Inman (Rutgers) – Forward

Wilson Chandler (DePaul) – Forward

Juan Palacios (Louisville) – Forward

Darryl Watkins (Syracuse) – Center

Randall Hanke (Providence) – Center


Five Others Who Could Make First or Second Team:


Brandon Jenkins (Louisville) – Guard

Daryll Hill (St. John’s) – Guard

Russell Carter (Notre Dame) – Forward

Geoff McDermott (Providence) – Forward

David Padgett (Louisville) – Center


For information on individual players, check the positional rankings and the profiles of individual teams.


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