Q&A: Boston College Star Tyrese Rice

January 17th, 2008
Five Minutes With Tyrese Rice.. Boston College's Star Guard


Tyrese RiceIn his junior season, Boston College guard Tyrese Rice is setting career highs in PPG, RPG, and SPG.  Despite the losses of Jared Dudley, Sean Williams, and Sean Marshall, his Eagles are 12-4 overall, including 2-0 in ACC play. With Rice leading the way, another NCAA Tournament bid for BC is not out of the question.



CollegeHoops.net) Win or lose, what's the best game BC has played so far?

Tyrese Rice) The best game we have played this year is Wake Forest by far. I think that is the best game a team that I have been on has ever played in my life. The team concept and trust was there for the whole 40 minutes and our defensive effort was greater then other time all year.

CHN) Do you think the team has played as well as its capable of?


TR) I do not think we have played as well as we can on a consistent basis. We have played well in spurts, so I think we've shown signs of how good we can be.

CHN) Is there any opposition player that you've been particularly impressed with?

TR) I have been very impressed with the play of Kansas. I think they are the most polished team playing in college basketball right now. They have a
great inside/outside game. In my opinion, Kansas is the best in the country and they play harder then anybody I have ever played against on the offensive and defensive end.

CHN) Grading your own play from A to F, what would you give yourself and why?


TR) I give myself a B- right now because there have been times when I was not showing good leadership and it let the team down. Overall, I have been doing pretty well as far as leadership and showing our young guys how hard we need to play to be successful in this league. Nothing that I do can be done without the good play of my teammates.

CHN) What are you most looking forward to in the 2nd half of the season?


TR) I'm looking forward to the ACC season. I think we have a chance to prove a lot of people wrong and be more successful then people think we can be. We have a group of talented young guys that play with a chip on their shoulder, and that is very necessary when you play in this league.



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