Top 5 Teams Stacked with NBA Talent

January 8th, 2007

This season’s edition of the Kansas Jayhawks’ is a NBA scout’s dream come true. Go to a Jayhawks’ game and it’s one stop shopping - you can scout six potential NBA players on their roster alone (Arthur, Chalmers, Collins, Kaun, Rush & Wright). North Carolina, Florida and Ohio State are just a few of the other teams with rosters stacked with pro prospects this season. Over the past two decades there have been a handful of NCAA teams that have had similiarly pro packed rosters. Here are the top five in terms of quality and quantity:

1) 1995/96 Kentucky (34-2 National Champions)
9 NBA Players:

Jeff Sheppard
Tony Delk
Walter McCarty
Mark Pope
Antoine Walker
Wayne Turner
Derek Anderson
Ron Mercer
Nazr Mohammed

Nine NBA players on one roster is mind-boggling. With that level of talent it is no wonder Kentucky took the NCAA crown in 1996. Even more impressive is that six of the players have enjoyed long NBA careers (Delk, McCarty, Walker, Anderson, Mercer & Mohammed). While there are no superstars in this bunch, Walker is a three-time All-Star.

2) 1991/92 Duke (37-3 National Champions)
6 NBA Players:

Brian Davis
Chris Laettner
Bobby Hurley
Grant Hill
Antonio Lang
Cherokee Parks

No surprise that this squad won a NCAA championship either. Hill, despite crippling injuries, has been the best pro of this bunch and should be a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame based on his early success before he got broken down (Rookie of the Year, seven-time All-Star, five-time All-NBA). Laettner also enjoyed a long (yet somewhat disappointing) NBA career.

3) 2003/04 UConn (33-6 National Champions)
6 NBA Players:

Ben Gordon
Emeka Okafor
Hilton Armstrong
Charlie Villanueva
Marcus Williams
Josh Boone

Another championship squad packed with future pros. Still too early to tell how good some of these guys are going to be in the big leagues, but Gordon and Okafor have shown that they have star potential. Charlie V. also has had a surprisingly strong start to his pro career.

4) 1995/96 Kansas (29-5 Final 8)
6 NBA Players:

Scot Pollard
Billy Thomas
Jacque Vaughn
Raef LaFrentz
Paul Pierce
Ryan Robertson

Pierce is far and away the best of this bunch - five-time All-Star, two-time All-NBA, future Hall of Fame member. Pollard, Vaughn and LaFrentz have also carved out long NBA careers.

5) 2001/02 Duke (31-4 Sweet 16)
6 NBA Players:

Carlos Boozer
Mike Dunleavy
Jay Williams
Chris Duhon
Dahntey Jones
Daniel Ewing

Now finally healthy, Boozer’s solid play for Utah has put his name into MVP consideration in the early going this season. Duhon has blown away all expectations of him and is a very solid pro for the Bulls. Williams was well on his way to NBA stardom before his motorcycle accident.