Sweet Sixteen Viewer's Guide & CBS Schedule

March 25th, 2008

CBS has announced the specific tip-off times of all Sweet Sixteen games. Using our five-star rating, we rank the games according to their "Must-watch" status.


These are games that feature one of:

Upset Watch

Star Watch

Too Close to Call

Up-Tempo Excitement


Click on each team for complete analysis, stats, and more. Also check our future round TV Times. Coverage maps will be posted when they're released.




7:10 PM West Virginia (7) vs Xavier (2)

Can't imagine ratings will be high here, but these two teams are playing great ball

Key Player: Alex Ruoff needs to knock down threes for WVU 


7:27 PM  Washington St (4) vs North Carolina (1)

I want to root for the underdog here.. but UNC is too good

Key Player: Aaron Baynes can't equal Hansbrough's production, but needs a good effort


9:40 PM Western Kentucky (12) vs UCLA (1)

UCLA's stumbles against A&M only make this more of a blowout

Key Player: Chase Stanback. Might be scrub minutes time again


9:57 PM Louisville (3) vs Tennessee (2) Too-Close / Up-Tempo

The first genuinely great game of the Sweet Sixteen

Key Player: With Chris Lofton struggling, Vols offense has been mediocre




7:10 Davidson (10) vs Wisconsin (3) Upset / Star Watch

If Davidson can beat G'Town, why not Wisconsin?

Key Player: Stephen Curry, who else?


7:27 Stanford (3) vs Texas (2) Too-Close / Star Watch

Along with UL/Tenn, the only other game featuring two Final Four quality teams

Key Player: Connor Atchley will have his hands full with Brook Lopez


9:40 Villanova (12) vs Kansas (1)

Nova's had a nice run, but Kansas has too much talent

Key Player: Reynolds always plays big, but VU needs Corey Fisher to show up


9:57 Michigan St (5) vs Memphis (1)

If Neitzel hits his threes, the Spartans always have a chance

Key Player: As noted, MSU won't keep pace unless Neitzel is bombing away



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