Today's Three Big Game Predictions: Gonzaga vs Davidson

March 21st, 2008

Davidson (10) vs Gonzaga (7)

12:25 PM CBS

Hopefully this lives up to top game billing, unlike USC/K-State which ended up being a dud. Have the Trojans showed up yet?.. Anyways, everyone loves Davidson, but Gonzaga still had the better results on the season. All you have to know is 9-7 against Top 100 teams for Gonzaga and 0-3 for Davidson.  Granted, Belmont didn't have a Top 100 either and they almost beat Duke.. so the numbers can be deceiving. Davidson also has something that Belmont or Gonzaga for that matter doesn't have.. a go-to star in Stephen Curry. Because of that, you have to give Davidson an advantage down the stretch. Who does Gonzaga go to? Jeremy Pargo? That's not going to cut it. Still, I'll go with the Zags.. but more importantly, lets just hope this game lives up to expectations.

Prediction: Gonzaga


Saint Mary's (10) vs Miami (7)

12:30 PM CBS

Another quality 10-7 game that will be overshadowed by Davidson/Gonzaga. Amazing that a higher seeded ACC team is getting such little respect compared to a lower seeded SMC team. The Hurricanes are about a 0.5 point favorites (depending on the line), and most polls suggest that slightly more people are picking SMC to win in their brackets. These teams have very similar makeups according to the numbers, both are 1 game over .500 against Top 50 teams, both were Top 25 in non-conference RPI and both have won 7 of their last 10 games. I like SMC a little bit more though because they're not so dependent on one player like Miami is of Jack McClinton. If McClinton gets hot from downtown, then Miami has the edge, but if SMC holds him to under 20 they'll win.

Prediction: Saint Mary's


St. Joseph's (11) vs Oklahoma (6)

7:10 PM CBS

The A10 got off to questionable start yesterday with Temple looking lost against MSU, and Xavier not waking up until after falling behind a 14 seed by 11 points. Before yesterday, I was fairly confident in picking St. Joe's as an upset in most of my brackets.. but that Temple debacle really stuck out to me. Then again, Baylor's showing didn't do any wonders for the Big 12 either. Early in the season, neither of these teams looked tourney worthy, but both rebounded to have solid.. though certainly not exceptional seasons. The key matchup here is heralded OU freshman Blake Griffin against St. Joe's Ahmad Nivins. Nivins gets overlooked compared to Pat Calathes, but is every bit as talented. St. Joe's doesn't use Nivins nearly enough in my opinion, but needs to force him the ball to make Griffin work.

Prediction: St. Joseph's


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