Washington Wizards: NBA Draft Team Needs

June 16th, 2008


2007-08 Record: 43-39; 2nd Southeast

Draft Picks: 18, 47

Key Free Agents

G Gilbert Arenas (will opt out of contract)

F Antawn Jamison


How they got here and what they need

The Wizards once again made the playoffs; and once again the Wizards were sent home by the Cavaliers. But that was just the beginning of the bad news as Gilbert Arenas announced his intentions to opt out of the final year of his deal and become a free agent. Along with Antawn Jamison, two of Washington's big three could be on their way out of the Beltway this summer. Therefore, this is an extremely important draft in regards to the future of this franchise.

There's a good cast of players still under contract for Eddie Jordan if both stars were to leave, but they need another body inside and players willing to play some more defense. If they can kill two birds with one stone then that would be even better.

Who they take

You hate to lean on upside, especially when you're already a playoff team in desperate need of some help down low. But if GM Ernie Grunfeld doesn't move this pick then they may be in that exact situation. Nevada's JeVale McGee may be the pick, although to be honest with you he may have cost himself some money by not taking one more year in college to hone his skills.

Draft History Since 2000:

2007 - Nick Young (16), Dominic McGuire (47)

2006 - Oleksiy Pecherov (18), Vladimir Veremeenko (48)

2005 - Andray Blatche (49)

2004 - Devin Harris (5), Peter John Ramos (32)

2003 - Jarvis Hayes (10), Steve Blake (38)

2002 - Jared Jeffries (11), Juan Dixon (17), Rod Grizzard (38), Juan Carlos Navarro (39)

2001 - Kwame Brown (1)

2000 - Mike Smith (35)